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19th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography

Posted by johnkobeck on June 14, 2013 with No Comments

Kathy Ryan, photo editor of the New York Times Magazine has selected one of my images to be included in the 19th annual juried exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography in MA. For those of you in and around the Boston area, be sure to stop by. The opening reception is scheduled for July 18th and the exhibition will run through September 2nd. I would like to thank Kathy Ryan for curating this years show, and Francis Jakubek for making it all possible.

I would also like to congratulate the other artist who’s work was chosen for the show:

Bob Avakian
Charles Mintz
Margo Cooper
Francis Crisafio
Julia Cybularz- $500 Griffin Award
Barbara Diener
Steven Duede
Christian Farnsworth
Juan Fernandez- Honorable Mention
Emily Franklin
David Gardner
Eran Gilat
Meg Griffiths
Nancy Grace Horton- Honorable Mention
Daniel Jackson
Becky Jaffe
Phil Jung
Brian Kaplan
Ashley Kauschinger
Stefanie Klavens
John Kobeck
Mary Kocol- Honorable Mention
Alena Kuzub
Molly Lamb
Sarah-Marie Land- $1,000 Legacy Award
Walter Landry
Julie McCarthy
Mary Beth Meehan
Yvette Meltzer
Fabiola Menchelli Tejeda
Monika Merva- Honorable Mention
Sarah Nesbitt
Joseph Ow- Honorable Mention
Camilo Ramirez
Suzanne Revy
Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Eleonora Ronconi
Paul Sisson
Elizabeth Swain
Samantha VanDeman
Arthur Zachai

The Griffin Museum of Photography has selected four photographers from the submissions for future exhibitions in 2014:
Paul Adams
Manuel Cosentino
Marjorie Salvaterra
Rafael Soldi

Contemporary Fine Art Photography

Contemporary Fine Art Photography

Contemporary Fine Art Nightscapes – Night Landscapes.

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Contemporary Fine Art Photography Night Landscapes

I’m currently working on a new project regarding night landscapes. In my continued pursuit to photograph feelings and emotions, I am experimenting with the landscape as an emotion, in particular the night-time landscape. In the past, much of my work focused on themes of depression, loneliness and isolation. In this body of work, I photographed models, at home in their un-altered living spaces. That project examined the isolation and loneliness that often accompany the fashion and glamour industry.

In these nightscapes my concern will be the negative space in the image, this will allow the viewer to come to his or her own interpretation of the work, hopefully on a personal level.

More to come…..