A New Year and New Projects!

Posted by johnkobeck on January 13, 2015as , ,

Although I’m starting this about 10 days late, I am starting it nevertheless. In an effort to remain focused and creative, I am committing to a daily creative endeavor for one year. I am going to make a consistent effort to create new work every day for 365 days. Sometimes that will be a photograph (as in today) and other-times it may be a GIF, collage, painting etc. Now that I have officially eliminated a big distraction (Facebook) I will hopefully have more time to be productive. Although I still maintain my artist page on Facebook here I deleted my personal account. The artist page is much easier to maintain as there are less distracting posts (peoples cats, peoples political views, and just people in general). Im still on Twitter here. In fact I really dig twitter! Its hard for people to be annoying with a limit of just 140 characters.

Happy belated New Year and stay tuned for more to come!

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