This is why the Art-world is fucked up

Posted by johnkobeck on March 13, 2016as , , , ,

In todays email I received the following;
“Join us at the April 15 Aperture Spring Party & Dinner featuring The Photographer’s Cookbook” . So I was curious, and clicked the link, which brought me to this page; “Support Aperture and celebrate the publication of The Photographer’s Cookbook by Aperture and George Eastman Museum—a book of recipes and photographs by the world’s leading photographers, gathered in the 1970’s..Host Committee Dinner at Aperture Gallery with special guests STEPHEN SHORE and DOUG DUBOIS
Ticket prices were up to $2000.00 (which was sold out!). So for two thousand dollars Martin Parr will cook for you ??? The whole thing seemed kind of absurd. What has photography come to? Well, I guess it shouldn’t be of any surprise. After-all, the art world is over-run with pretentious wealthy people who manipulate, control and exploit. How is the 20-something year old art student who goes to school full time and waitresses at night to cover her bills going to afford to attend an event like this? Its like a boulevard of broken dreams.

I remember seeing Martin Parr at the SPE annual convention in Baltimore a few years back. He was talking about a recent project he did with digital cameras and super long lenses. He photographed people on the beach from his condo patio, thats how long (and expensive) the lenses were. He never had to leave the condo to do the work. He actually said that on the podium. Now don’t get me wrong. I love his early work and think much of it was genius. But talking pictures from a condo in Hawaii? Really Martin? And I believe that work was shown at MOMA or similar.

Do yourselves a favor and go read a great book by Duane Michals called “FOTO FOLLIES : HOW PHOTOGRAPHY LOST ITS VIRGINITY ON THE WAY TO THE BANK” Duane was always an outsider in the art world. He never really got the recognition he deserved because he didn’t play their game. He wasn’t interested in producing work that galleries considered profitable, and really neither should any of us.

The Art World is Fucked Up

The Art World is Fucked Up