Poke Culture™

A phrase coined by me, Poke Culture™ is a term which describes unwanted friending, following and stalking on Social Media platforms. The phrase is a derivative of Facebook’s “Poke” feature which allows users to Poke one another endlessly in the platform. Oftentimes the features is used to draw attention to the one who elicits the […]

Social media continues to disappoint me

Im not at all happy with the commercialization of social media and the commoditization of its members (you and me). In a recent post here, I proclaimed the destruction of my Facebook account as I made the shift to Ello. However Ello soon became one massive disappointment. The interface was terribly unfriendly to use (despite […]

This is why I’m not following you on Twitter

Sometimes people on twitter get annoyed when people they follow don’t follow back. As I log into my twitter account this morning I notice I picked up 33 new followers overnight. So now I must decide, out of the 33, which ones I want to follow back. There are many who would just automatically follow […]

Facebook can suck the life out of you, if you let it.

Sometimes you have to just step away from social media for a while. Im talking about Facebook in particular. For me and many others, Facebook can turn into one big time-suck. At one point I had 5000 friends and over 4000 followers on my Facebook page here. I recently trimmed down my friend list to […]