Punk Rock at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

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I must admit, I wasn’t really planning to see Punk, Chaos to Couture which is currently on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Now anyone that knows me knows that I am a punk rock nerd. Being a generation X’er I grew up in the punk era and I love punk rock (both contemporary and classic punk). But fashion is not really something that interests me, and its certainly not the type of “art” that brings me to a museum. I was a little turned off by the media coverage of the opening; the huge celebrity turn out was a turn off. This seemed like it was going to be another highly commercialized fashion exhibit.

I happened to have a business meeting this morning at the Metropolitan, and I was early; well about 2 hours early. So I decided to check out Punk, Chaos to Couture, since I was there anyway. Upon entering the exhibit I was instantly taken back in time to my days at CBGB’s. They actually have the original CBGB bathroom. What a trip it was to see that. I spent many a drunken night in that toilet. It was very surreal for me to see that again after all these years, of all places on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I could still hear Jayne County signing “Toilet Love” in the background. I did manage to get a photo of it before security informed me that photos were not allowed. There are also multiple rooms with graffiti filled walls and several giant screens playing endless loops of the Sex Pistols. Johnny Rotten was a fashionista way ahead of his time. Oh and there was the fashion too.

I am far from an art critic so don’t expect any lengthy review here. All I am going to say is go see it. If you are into fashion go see it. If you are into punk, go see it. If you like the Sex Pistols, GO SEE IT!

Contemporary Fine Art Photography

If these walls could only talk..CBGB;s bathroom