You DONT need expensive cameras to make art.

Posted by johnkobeck on August 8, 2013as ,

I like to think of myself as an artist, who happens to work with a camera. I don’t like the label “photographer”. A photographer is a person who makes photographs using cameras. A photographer is a technician, oftentimes more concerned with the technical aspects and the process, rather then the work and the concept. But with todays technology and its availability to everyone, its easy to create a “technically perfect” photograph. But thats not art!

For an artist, the tools are irrelevant. Today it may be a camera, tomorrow it may be a can of spray paint. The work is about the art and driven by concept and vision, not the process or the mechanics.

I really could care less about pixels and resolution. One of my favorite digital cameras is the HP PhotoSmart 215. Thats an early digital camera that is under 2 megapixels and sells for less then $20.00 on EBAY and makes really cool, unique looking images. That camera came out sometime around 1999. These early “vintage” low resolution digital cameras are quickly becoming the Holga’s and Diana’s of tomorrow.

The point here is that you do not need expensive gear to make art, and in fact sometimes the expensive gear just gets in the way.

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