Why I don’t eat Chinese Sushi

Posted by johnkobeck on March 12, 2016as ,
I don't eat Chinese sushi

I don’t eat Chinese sushi

If you love raw fish like I do, this may be of interest to you. I have been eating sushi in New York since the late 1980’s when sushi was actually a novelty in the states. Back then, most, if not all sushi bars were owned by Japanese proprietors. Today, there’s a sushi bar on almost every corner of this city (and probably yours too). However, not all sushi is the the same. Back in the 80’s and much of the 90’s the retail sushi trade was dominated by the Koreans and Japanese. Thats not the case today though. In New York, three out of four sushi establishments are Chinese owned.

I tend to avoid sushi if its not served in a true Japanese or Korean owned an operated restaurant. This is not about any kind of prejudices though. I feel the same about Italian restaurants in case you were wondering.

Thats simply my view as a native New Yorker who has been eating sushi for almost 30 years. The tourists who come here from Ohio or wherever have no clue. Don’t be fooled by the Japanese lettering in the window. I can spot a Chinese (faux sushi) restaurant a mile away. But the easiest way is to simply ask your server. A simple “where are you from” will do. In case your wondering by the way, Korean run restaurants generally only have Korean servers, same goes for Japanese and Chinese.