Facebook can suck the life out of you, if you let it.

Posted by johnkobeck on March 25, 2014as , ,

Sometimes you have to just step away from social media for a while. Im talking about Facebook in particular. For me and many others, Facebook can turn into one big time-suck. At one point I had 5000 friends and over 4000 followers on my Facebook page here. I recently trimmed down my friend list to about 2500. Im trying to keep the people that I truly interact with as friends and keep others as followers.
As an artist and educator, I love Facebook. Its a great tool to interact with colleagues, students, friends and other artists. But if you tend to procrastinate like I do, it can become a distraction. Im sure many of you can relate to this. You sit down at your desk to get some work done, but first you have to check Facebook. You click on this update which spurs you to click onto something else and so on. Before you know it the morning has gone by and you got jack shit done. I have come pretty close to deleting my account at times. But I think I found the solution. I have now blocked Facebook from my computer. There is a method using the Terminal (assuming you use a Mac) that allows you to simply block access to websites. You can read about it here if your interested. So effective yesterday (3/25/14) I have blocked Facebook. I plan to keep the block on for a couple weeks in order to get some work done. I even deleted the app from my phone. I know some of you will say this is drastic, but I’m working on some projects and need to get them completed.
In case your wondering about twitter; I did not block that site. I actually don’t find twitter to be a distraction at all. It moves very fast and you don’t tend to get “sucked-in” to everyones personal dramas like on Facebook. So there it is.

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