“I believe that you notice things that others will never see…”

Posted by johnkobeck on July 21, 2014

Contemporary Fine Art Photography

I recently received a very touching note from a fan. For her privacy, she will remain anonymous here. I was so moved by her note that I thought it should be shared, along with the image of references.

“Hello again….another thought to share before it fades..although I doubt that it will..it is such a huge part of me…Your photo, the one that drew me in…I know why…because it says every thing that I have been for years…We cloak ourselves in our acceptable facades…..That one picture said it all for me..I suppose I owe you another thanks now don’t I? I know you will say that no thanks is necessary..Believe, it truly is…..You captured what I carry with always.The sadness, darkness,pondering and amazingly fulfilling beautiful light of truth..I try to capture those feelings in my writing and my photography..The photo brought back so much that I have needed to realize once more at this juncture… . That it is fine to feel all of the emotions captured in that one fleeting moment that you caught..I suppose those feelings stay inside of us forever..It is good to feel that deeply…other wise one has never really lived..
I have always been captured by grave yard statues…So few see the faces and what they say…Each is different and tells a story..That is also true in the faces of children..
I have lived a life filled with all of the emotions in that photo…I knew it was me when I saw it….When it caught me, I sat for a while and just studied it and relived so many events..I cried for a long while..I thank you for that also…When my grandson and husband passed eight months apart I thought that part of me had died along with them..Your artistry reminded me that it is all still there and should be…No matter how sad, it is good to feel alive once more..Any emotion is good when it comes from the soul and touches our heart….I am so glad that you wandered onto this path I am walking at this point in my life…you do have a marvelous feel for all that is around you, I suspect..I believe that you notice things that others will never see…That is a precious gift that was bestowed upon you..When I was a child abuse counselor I saw so much of myself in those I was there to help..I was usually the one they sent in first..My life allowed me to recognize the small signs that others miss..Sorry for the prattle….Do take care……..
Sorry for any typos..A publisher I worked for told me,”Never go back and check for errors..We might just remove the most important thing we had to say.assuming we had anything important to say in the first place”…So ..I offer this in it’s raw form…..”

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