Stop being so insecure and get that profile pic up on LinkedIn!

Posted by johnkobeck on March 22, 2014as , ,

I have become a huge advocate for LinkedIn. I know some of you may have read an old post by me claiming LinkedIn to be total bullshit and useless. But I will be the first to admit I was wrong. Dead wrong! I have since gained some very valuable connections as a result of my efforts on LinkedIn, including a gallery show.
As of today I have almost 8000 connections on the networking site. Many are artists, curators, museum directors, university and academia professionals and so on. In fact, I invested in the job seeker premium account which allows me to see more stats about who is looking at my profile. It also lets me contact key people that otherwise would not be possible. Another feature I like is better visibility for job applicants. If you have the paid version, LinkedIn automatically pushes your resume to the top of the list when you apply for jobs through the site. Not too Shabby!
One thing that really irks me though, is when people fail to upload a profile picture. If you don’t have your photo uploaded that tells me it could only be one of 3 possible scenarios. 1- your ugly, 2- your ex-wife if after you for back child support, and 3- your insecure about yourself and therefore don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror. My guess is that for 99.9% its going to be #3. Not cool people. It is sending the wrong message, especially on a site that is designed for networking and self promotion. The only thing worse then not having any profile pic is having a picture of your dog, your baby, your artwork, or your car. The same thing really applies to Facebook and twitter. The only difference is, who cares. Its only Facebook and twitter so you can be a dick and it doesn’t really matter.
So get over yourselves and stop being insecure and get that profile pic up!

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