Portfolio Review Services

Portfolio Review Service For Art School Students

Portfolio Review Service For Art School Students

If you are considering applying to art school or simply would like to have your portfolio reviewed I can help. I am offering donation based portfolio reviews for artists and students. What this means is that you pay what you feel is fair. You then either send me a link to your online portfolio or email the files to me directly. Please also include your artists statement (if you have one). In your email please be specific with regard to your intentions with the work. You should specify if you are applying to art schools (which ones), or a particular show / gallery. Perhaps none of this applies and you simply would like some constructive criticism which is also fine.

I will review, analyze and respond (usually within 5 days) with my critique. You can expect me to be brutally honest and upfront as well as supportive and inspiring. I am passionate about art-education and I love helping students and artist. I am offering this as a donation based service because I don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity because of finances. Donations can be made through Google Wallet to JohnKobeckart@gmail.com .

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