Recommendations / Testimonials

“John Kobeck is a unique individual in our dog-eat-dog professional world. He has offered astute insights to his students. A talented, creative, multi-faceted and enigmatic professional. John is not only an incredibly talented artist who’s work personifies the NYC landscape and URBAN outdoors, His Magical Threads GIFs’ are by are by far the strongest of his works. He gives his time and energy freely to to others. His art is amazing. – Terrence P. Fedde – Sculptor -Owner – Fedde”

“John is an excellent Editor with divers background and extensive experience in contemporary fine art. ”
— “Xela” / Alexandra Galili

“John is qualified in his field of editoring . Best Wishes”
— Barbara Motley

“John is energetic, fun and connected. Always willing to lend a hand to colleagues and help himself by helping others. ”
— Roger Wood

“It has been a pleasure to host the work of John Kobeck for several years in various shows at the Griffin Museum of Photography. Delightful to communicate and work with, other artists could learn a lot from John’s professional attitude and artistic drive.”
— Frances Jakubek, Associate Director, Griffin Museum of Photography

” John is an AMAZING artist and teacher. I would eagerly recommend him to any institution seeking a passionate and sincere instructor. “”
— Kim Gregory, Kim Gregory Social Media Business Solutions

“I worked with John on several creative projects and I am happy to testify that he is a dynamic artist and educator. His diverse background gives him an insight that many creatives are lacking. I would recommend him to any organization without reservation.”
— Richard Bluestein, Producer, Podshow.Com

“John is an extremely dedicated artist who is both kind and supportive. His passion for art photography is paramount as well as incredibly inspiring.”
— Victor Cobo, Artist, Victor Cobo

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with John during a time of great development in both his photographic skill and image development and I will say that his end product is as rich and engaging as I’ve come by in a few years. He is direct, professional, talented and insightful. His demeanor with me was curious, professional, dedicated and determined. His vision is wide, somewhat emotional but stable and forward. I know John can produce wonderful images that are professional and engaging. I continue to use his work
as reference for current students I have who are pursuing a similar direction. I trust that John would be a valuable asset to most any group inquiring. My best, Kris Lattimore”
— Kris Lattimore, Professor of Photography, Academy of Art University

“I worked with Jon on a quite a few projects. We worked well together because Jon was always focused on meeting deadlines and getting the job done. Jon was very creative and was able to think on his feet. Jon proved to be a valuable asset to the organization with his unique vision and old fashioned business savvy. I recommend Jon without reservation to any organization “”
— Gregory Sable, JPMorgan Chase

“I have been most fortunate to work alongside John within the fine art photography genre for many years and would attest to his immense ability to break many creative barriers, in his personal search for a socioeconomic exploration of the urban culture. John’s deep intellect, combined with his extensive experience with art representation, enable him to have a deep pulse into our current cultural mess, the search for our individualistic presence within a dissociated culture. John is a conceptual artist with a deep understanding of the myriads of facets that affect our brave new world, willing to explore such complex themes, unafraid to present the beauty and ugliness of our modern world to the viewer. John is effectively a voice into our disappearing sense of community and personality. Yet, his approach is most gentle, not forceful or politically motivated, but rather serving as a reminder that a loss of community and cultural roots is effectively the loss of an entire country.”
— Pierre Dutertre, President, Central Florida chapter, American Society of Media Photographers

Letters of Recommendation

Dr. Edward Burns, William Patterson University

Tamara Hubbard, Director at Academy of Art University

Timothy Keating, Savannah College of Art and Design

Pierre Dutertre, President, Central Florida chapter, American Society of Media Photographers