Which camera would Andy Warhol use today?

Posted by johnkobeck on April 7, 2014as

Andy Warhol used a variety of cameras in his career. There has been a misconception that he solely used the Minox. While he did use the tiny camera, it was not the only camera he used. Some of Warhol’s cameras included the Polaroid Big Shot, the Olympus AF-1 which latter became the Stylus and Stylus Epic (my own personal favorite that I still use today). The Olympus AFL or Picasso, the Chinon 35F-MA, the Konica C35EF and Polaroid SX-70 and who knows what else. Warhol had always said he was a proponent of simple point and shoot cameras and preferred them to more complicated instruments. Mind you, Andy Warhol certainly could have any camera his heart desired, including the over-priced Leica. Yet he preferred cheaper point and shoot pocket cameras.

I have a question for the readers out there; if Andy Warhol were alive today, what camera do you think he would be using? I’ll start with my vote. I say he probably would be using the iPhone camera almost exclusively. Yes, that means Andy would have an iPhone. I cant see him carrying around one of those oversized Samsung Droids. Andy’s way too cool for that. The comment section is open, don’t be shy. Andy Warhol's Camera


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